Sorrel & Ginger infused with Sarsaparilla_edited.jpg
    Sorrel & Ginger

Jamaican wild fiery ginger and hibiscus/sorrel infused with sarsaparilla

Nut Punch
    Nutty Power

Jamaican wild fiery ginger and hibiscus/sorrel infused with sarsaparilla

Smoothies and Punches

Try our vibrant range of smoothies and punches range. Namely; beetroot Blast, Green gumption, pineapple punch, peanut punch and finally our Powah punch this blend of  powah (not Power) is infused with guiness, rum, sea moss, irish moss and roots for virility. 

H&J Fruit Punch

Our sensational blend of fruits produces  a mouth watering puncha sensational infusion of; mango, pineapple, orange, lime, watermelon, ginger and spices.   

Cucumber and Jamaican ginger
 Cucumber & Ginger

A perfect blend of Jamaican fiery ginger, organic cucumbers and a splash of medina.

Jamaican Pineapple Punch
 Organic Carrot & Lime

Organic Carrot and Lime juice, infused with moringa.

Sea Moss_edited.jpg
Jamaican sea moss

Try our antibody packed mixed sea moss smoothie. This drink is known for virility, weight loss and digestive health

Sourced from beneath the beautiful waves on the island's seas. 

Juice in Glass Bottle
H&J Green Cleanse

H&J green cleanse is infused with alkaline fruits, vegetables and herbs.

Celery, spinach, moringa, cucumber,

mango leaves, ginger and avocado.