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H&J Naturals is a family-run company that was started by our founder Sherenia Grant and her passion for sustainable farming. This evolved into an entity on its own, now known as H&J Naturals. Now alongside making sure the family's fridge is stocked with natural homemade organic juices, jams etc, we now make these products and more for your nourishment.  


We specialize in sourcing quality sun-kissed fruits, vegetables, wild organic herbs, teas, and spices, avoiding genetically modified, hormones and other fertilized produce. We partner with local farmers in Jamaica and the West African diaspora promoting fair trade and promotion of agriculture. 

Our teas blends are manufactured on the island of Jamaica by our master tea blender, while our oils and body butter hail from West Africa.

No preservatives, additives, or junk, we aim to provide quality wild organic produce to service our customers' health and wellbeing.

Enjoy a perfect cup of aromatic tea infused with active herbs, an immune-boosting tonic, a smooth decoction, or add flavour to your home-cooked meal with nature's bounty. 

Tell us what ails you!

Our master tea blender/Alchemist can provide bespoke blends, to assist in relieving your ailments or simply to provide a gentle boost to the immune system. 

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